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Tawny Cowell

Tawny Cowell

Director of Nutrition Services and Facilities

Chalynn Dotzenrod

Chalynn Dotzenrod

Account Clerk III


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Thanks for visiting our new Nutrition Services page at the Redding School District.  We proudly serve all of the students in the Redding School District as well as our Partnership School Districts, Shasta Union Elementary and Igo Ono Elementary.  Our schools use healthy ingredients while still trying to make school lunches exciting for all students.  Our goal is to keep our students fed and happy while they are in the hands of our excellent educators throughout the day.  Please feel free to email your questions to our team members.

Food & Beverage Sales Request Form

Are you looking to have a fundraiser involving food? Did you know that prior to selling any food on a school campus in California you must meet all State and Federal nutrition requirements. To help Redding School District stay in compliance we have developed a quick and easy form to ensure that all food sales associated with our schools meet these requirements.  Please take a movement to complete the Food Sales Request Form by clicking the link below.

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