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To provide our employees with the best tools to do their jobs, Redding School District makes mobile technology hardware available to specified staff members.

Redding School District encourages the use of this technology and associated services because they can make communication and instruction more efficient and effective. However, all employees and everyone connected with the organization should remember that electronic media, equipment and services provided by the district are district property and their purpose is to facilitate and support district business, and education processes. All computer users have the responsibility to use these resources in a professional, ethical, and lawful manner.

To ensure that all employees are responsible, the following guidelines have been established for using e-mail and the Internet. No policy can lay down rules to cover every possible situation. Instead, it is designed to express Redding School District’s philosophy and set forth general principles when using mobile technology and associated services.


Mobile technology cannot be used for knowingly transmitting, retrieving, or storing any communication that is:

1. Discriminatory or harassing

2. Derogatory to any individual or group

3. Obscene, sexually explicit or pornographic

4. Defamatory or threatening

5. In violation of any license governing the use of software

6. Engaged in for any purpose that is illegal or contrary to Redding School District policy or business interests


The mobile technology, electronic media and services provided by Redding School District are primarily for business use to assist employees in the performance of their jobs. Limited, occasional, or incidental use of electronic media (sending or receiving) for personal, non-business purposes is understandable and acceptable, and all such use should be done in a manner that does not negatively affect the systems’ use for their business or education purposes. However, employees are expected to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and not abuse this privilege.


Generally, the District does not review electronic information created and/or communicated by an employee using e-mail, word processing, utility programs, spreadsheets, voicemail, telephones, Internet and bulletin board system access. However, the following conditions should be noted:

Redding School District reserves the right, at its discretion, to review any employee’s electronic files and messages to the extent necessary to ensure electronic media and services are being used in compliance with the law, this policy and other District policies.

Employees should not assume electronic communications are completely private. Accordingly, if they have sensitive information to transmit, they should use other means.


Employees must respect the confidentiality of other individual’s electronic communications. Except in cases in which explicit authorization has been granted by District management, employees are prohibited from engaging in, or attempting to engage in:

1. Monitoring or intercepting the files of electronic communications of other employees or third parties

2. Hacking or obtaining access to systems or accounts they are not authorized to use

3. Using other people’s log-ins or passwords

4. Breaching, testing or monitoring computer or network security measures

No e-mail or other electronic communications can be sent that attempt to hide the identity of the sender or represent the sender as someone else.

Electronic media and services should not be used in a manner that is likely to cause network congestion or significantly hamper the ability of other people to access and use the system.

Anyone obtaining electronic access to other companies or individuals materials, must respect all copyrights and cannot copy, retrieve, modify or forward copyrighted materials except as permitted by the copyright owner.


All mobile technology is considered Redding School District property and should be treated as such. Mobile technologies will be checked out by the Redding School District Information Technology Department in working order.

The Redding School District IT Department will install security software to ensure the mobile hardware is safe from viruses, malware, etc., as well as install software with the ability to track the physical locations of such hardware using GPS, Wireless Networks, Internet, etc. In the event that the mobile hardware you are in possession of is lost or stolen, the IT Department will make every effort to recover the hardware, however, we cannot guarantee against any loss of personal data that is stored on the device and we are not liable for any damages to personal data that is lost.

The user assumes all liability for the physical condition of the mobile technology assigned to them as long as it is in their possession. The RSD IT Department will work with the user should a physical hardware issue arise and will do everything possible to remedy the situation. The user is ultimately responsible for damages (other than accidental) to the hardware issued to them while it is in their possession. In the event that the mobile technology is destroyed or damaged and it is determined that the employee was negligent, the Redding School District reserves the right to deduct the cost of replacement of the mobile device.

Upon leave of employment with the Redding School District, all mobile hardware is to be returned to the IT department. At this time the IT department will initiate an evaluation of the device(s) to determine if all is in working order and the employee is released from liability of the device.

By signing this form the user agrees to the above mentioned policies and procedures.

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