Facilities, Maintenance and Operations

Serving Redding, Shasta, Igo, Stellar and Monarch

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Workorder System

To submit a ticket for help please visit our work order system.  This will help out team to organize our work and assign to the appropriate person.

Facility Use Permits

Redding School District makes school and athletic facilities available for rental when they are not being used for school purposes.  All outside groups must apply for and obtain a permit in order to use a school facility. As a convenience to our community, this Civic Permits website is available to process permit applications online

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    Facility Team Members

    Tawny Cowell

    Director of Nutrition Services and Facilities


    Fred Clough

    Fred Clough

    Facilities Coordinator


    AJ Ramirez

    HVAC Maintenance

    Dave Boydstun

    Grounds / Maintenance


    Alan Glover



    Todd Starkey

    Grounds / Maintenance

    Dale Duke