Technology impacts our lives from a very young age.  Our students today are labeled as “Digital Natives” but let’s not confuse that with real digital literacy skills.   As a District committed to inspiring our students to learn today in order to become tomorrow’s leaders,  Redding School District is partnering with Code to the Future to ensure students are provided with the skills necessary to be successful in an ever-changing world.

In August of 2017, Manzanita, Bonny View, and Juniper Schools will be the first Code to the Future Computer Science Immersion Schools in Northern California.  The great instruction in Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Music, and PE are still the foundational content at all of our campuses.  The project-based Coding is an integrated enhancement to the great learning already happening at our schools.  Teachers will engage students in computer skill development using programming, unplugged activities, logic, robotics, and curriculum integration to give our students a well-rounded understanding of how to utilize technology to create, collaborate, and use critical thinking skills.   The intent is to create an engaging, interactive, and fun learning environment that will transition our students from being just players or consumers of technology to creators and innovators of it.  Students will have another avenue to apply perseverance, team building, and presentation skills as they share their projects with their peers and collaborate about their thinking.  Our District mission calls for “the most contemporary facilities and technology” to be provided for our students.  Code to the Future offers our students schooling for their future lives and opens up possibilities for the students we serve.

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