Partnership Educators,

“Pride is a funny thing,” I thought as I sat in the warm building last Sunday.   Glancing around the room looking at those gathered, I wondered how many others were also feeling some sense of pride in what they were bearing witness to that day.  Zayne, the focus of the event, sat quietly at the head table taking in the unfolding grandeur and smiling almost if embarrassed.   People spoke and told of Zayne’s qualities and praised him for his gentleness, kindness, and giving spirit.  He sat quietly taking in the celebratory affair.
I have heard it often said that pride can be a bad thing and can get us into trouble.  It is listed in the Bible as one of the deadly sins.  Thomas Jefferson wrote it like this, “Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold.”
Last Sunday was my nephew’s induction as an Eagle Scout.  I know he worked super hard and did things that he isn’t comfortable doing.  I am very proud of his accomplishments and stood with many others who honored him that day for his commitment.  Because of Zayne’s Eagle Scout project, the City of Redding made July 9, 2016, Zayne Loucks day two summers ago.
I think pride as an unacceptable attitude is different from the pride someone feels for others.  Zayne is a very unassuming kid who just loves to do what he does.  He loves the outdoors and the indoors.  He is funny and shy.  He wouldn’t tell you about himself nor ever boast out loud about his great accomplishment.  He really didn’t even want to be there that day.
I take great pride every day to be a part of this district and every one of our schools.  It is the people that make them great.  Thank you so much for taking the reins of our children’s educational lives and constantly looking for new ways to reach each and every one of them.
This next week is administrator appreciation week and we want to honor and take pride in what a wonderful job our administrators do for us.  I can’t express the pride I feel when outside personnel tells me how much they love our directors, principals, vice principals, deans, and coordinators.   Thank you for all that you do.
In honor of this recognition, all employees will receive a gift as a token for what you do to change the stories of our students.  We choose to give everyone the gift now rather than wait until we honor you at a later time in the year so you can also enjoy the use of the gift all year long.    Please, accept my deepest sincerest thank you for your work in our schools.