The Redding School District is proud that one of its own teachers was chosen to highlight some of her successes with GoGuardian for Teachers.  This product allows teachers to communicate, control and manage a classroom full of students with 1:1 devices.  Tools like GoGuardian for Teacher have been an integral part of our 1:1 strategy.  You can see more about our 1:1 Chromebook project here

Below is some highlights of the GoGuardian post along with a few interviews they shot for the story.   Full Story Here

I teach seventh grade at Sequoia Middle School in Redding, California, and we use technology in the classroom… everyday. Google Chromebooks play a vital role in my classroom: they provide a comprehensive learning experience, from helping kids develop their writing skills, to equipping students with the technological skills needed for success in their future careers.

For me, one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of teaching is helping students to see how much they have to offer the world