January 5, 2017


Hope your time off was wonderful. Mine certainly was. My nearly six-month-old grandson really rocked my world for two weeks! What a blessing it was to see a little bundle of joy on a daily basis during the most incredible time of the year! If I did nothing else during the break, just having him around would have been enough. Who needs presents when the greatest gift of all comes to you in the form of a baby? Just watching him practically grow and develop right before my eyes – it was amazing!

Refreshment can come in so many different ways, but a two-week break certainly makes it easier to come by. When you receive or express a wish of, “Happy New Year”, it should really make you smile. Now, I realize January 1, 2017 is just one day past December 31, 2016, but it’s so much more than just another day. It’s an opportunity to say out with the old and in with the new. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could start each day with that attitude? Certainly we want to learn from the day before, but we also want to forget about what could have been and embrace what we expect today to be. Let’s challenge ourselves this year to grab ahold of a new attitude each day that guarantees a fresh perspective of our jobs and relationships that make up our work family. I want to see each person I encounter as the potentially amazing person they are meant to be. At the risk of sounding glib and a bit naive, I choose to celebrate you and all those who are trusted to my ability to add value to their life. Let’s capture some hearts and build relationships as a bridge to learning. I appreciate you!