Redding Schools get Clever

a new single sign on solution
WHY are we doing this?WHAT does this mean for you?

We are excited to announce our partnership with Clever in brining Single Sign On features to our Redding Schools classroom technology. Check the Promo Videos to the right to learn more about what Clever does. 

Why are we doing this?

With the proliferation of technology resources, and the amount that you are all using our applications, we have been noticing the very problem the video describes with our Kindergarten through 2nd graders.  This sparked a conversation:

“How can we make it easier for our younger students to login to some of these resources?.”  

Enter Clever, it helps districts solve issues like this utilizing a technology called “Single Sign On”.  This means that a student signs into the Clever Portal and once there, applications “Powered by Clever” can be signed into by simply clicking on the link.  Clever takes this a bit further with something called the Clever Badge. Our tablet devices and lab computers support using the built in web camera along with a printed QR code badge to allow students to simply hold up their printed badge and sign in automatically.  

What’s Clever?

The Clever Badge

What does this mean for your classroom?

Your site staff are preparing to distribute their student badges for K-2 students.  All of your student devices browser homepage will change to the new Clever Portal which looks like this:
clever portal screenshot

click to see larger image


How your students interact with this new portal page depends on your student’s grade level:

    • Kindergarten – 2nd grade classroom with student badges ready, you can press the Clever Badge sign on feature which will load the login screen and webcam on your tablet device. (view Tablet Video to the right)
    • 3rd – 8th grade – With students logging into their chromebooks as their own google account, they can simply click on the Login with Google and they will be automatically logged in. (view Chromebook Video to the right)
    • Lab Login – Using the Clever Page in the Lab allows students to login to the clever portal with either their Student Badge, or their Google Login. (View Lab login to the right)

1 Page Instructions!

How-To Login Videos

The Clever Portal

We build the new Clever Portal to mimic our “student tools” page(s) that we have had at our schools this year.  They both feature a grid of the familiar icons for easy selection of our educational tools:

These app icons will automatically forward the student to the appropriate web page for that application.  This page is broken into two application categories:

  • Powered by Clever – These apps have been integrated for single sign on and will automatically log a student into their account
  • Student Tools  These apps have not yet been integrated (or won’t be able to) and will still require a student to login using their existing password

Lexia will be our first “Powered by Clever” app with Typing Club and i-Ready integrating soon afterwards.  As these applications become “Powered by Clever” we will move them to the category so that you know they now support the single sign on feature.  Clever is working with vendors to bring more of this instant sign on feature to other apps and we will continue to work to try and integrate those as they become available.

We will push this new Clever Portal to all tablet devices in K-2 classrooms on Monday Nov 7th. This means that the tablet homepage that usually loads to “Student Tools” will switch to the Clever Portal page on this date.  You will then be able to start using the Clever Badges for your students to login.

While we hope for a smooth transition to this new portal, we will keep the other student tools page as a secondary tab incase there are any problems while we roll this out.